I’m a fan

I love planners. And like planner-addicts, I am always on the lookout for the perfect planner. Lurking around planner aisles at book and stationary stores, opening and closing planners, mulling over the pros and cons of this layout vs. that layout. Will this font drive me crazy by the end of the year? Does this give me enough space to doodle and take notes? Does it have weekly and monthly planning spaces? The list goes on.I usually wind up having multiple planners in my bag at any given time because I am picky about layout, font, space, etc.

BUT someone posted an advert of this planner (the Passion Planner), which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the compact version.

After looking at the design + the thinking behind the layout – I’m now one of thousands of backers. If you’re a planner-addict and juggle a slew of stuff at any given moment, this planner (I think since I have yet to use it) may be for you. You should definitely check it out though.


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