Visiting Oslo (Norway)

A colleague of mine and I submitted a grant application which was accepted. There is a capacity building component built into the larger overarching grant and so for that, our team went to Oslo, Norway for a week of training. (It’s a bit crazy when Oslo is warmer than Almaty and both are warmer than the Midwest, but that’s a different issue.) It was a useful time of networking, learning how to write a policy paper + developing a media campaign related to our research project, and in the down time, wandering around Oslo.
boat cold dayLook who we bumped into? FDR hanging outside the Castle Aarhaus. FDRIn case you were inspired to become a viking after walking through the Viking Museum, you can take home a Viking helmet for a mere 149 Kroner (~ $24 USD). (On a side note, I was in sticker shock half the time we were in Oslo. I kept converting prices back to dollar which is never a good idea when in Oslo, London, Tokyo, or Moscow.) helmetStumbled upon the Noble Peace Museum while trying to go to a shopping district on the opposite corner of time. noble peace museumNow the hard work of collecting data begins. But looking forward to going back next January. 🙂

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