Random Thoughts


It’s 2/3 of the way through our semester and both faculty and students are feeling the change of not having a fall break. Some signs that I’ve been having marathon grading sessions and thinking about work-related things too much.

** In the morning, leaving class **

Me to Myself: Man. I don’t know why I keep calling him Ilyas. I know his name is Ilya. I always have to say his name again. Ilya, Ilya… Ilyas, Ilat… Wait, I’m conjugating a noun like a verb… it should be Ilya, Ilyae, Ilyae, Ilyam, Ilya to decline like a noun. What am I doing??? My linguistically mixed up brain…

** 1 hour later as I am eating my lunch before a slew of afternoon meetings ** 

Student (knock knock – pops their head in): Hi Dr. X – what are you doing?

Me (as I’m shoveling my lunch down quickly and catching up with the news): Erm, I’m eating my lunch?

Student: Anyway, can I ask you a question since I missed class?

Me: Sure…

** Watching season 2 of the Big Bang Theory (the episode where Penny decides to read Leonard’s mom’s book about his childhood)  **

Leonard:  Basically, if it came out of me, she WROTE about it.

Me — feeling more sympathy for Leonard’s mom, Beverly, who efficiently (although somewhat ethically questionably) combined parenting and publishing rather than Leonard, the show’s protagonist — thinking about the pile of paper revisions, chapters, and grants I need to work on…

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