Sharon Higgins on the Gulen Movements and Its Charters

Interesting post on the Gulen movement — something (and someone) that unless you’ve been doing work in or about Turkey, most people aren’t familiar with…

Diane Ravitch's blog

Sharon R. Higgins is a parent activist in Oakland,
California, who manages multiple websites as a concerned citizen.
One is “charter school
.” Another is the Broad Report. Third is a
compilation of articles about the Gulen movement.

Sharon has long wondered why so many districts, states, and the federal government
have turned over a basic public responsibility to foreign
nationals, who hire other foreign nationals, and export hundreds of
millions of taxpayer dollars. Her concern is not nationalistic or
xenophobic. It is about the civic and communal nature of public

She writes: “On Saturday I spoke at the “Expose the
Gulen Movement” protest rally held on a farm in the rural, rolling
hills around Saylorsburg, PA. We assembled less than two miles from
the compound where Fethullah Gulen lives. Gulen is considered to be
one of the two most powerful men in Turkey. This is the…

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