Random Moments: Yesterday

These days, I’ve gotten so many phone calls that duplicate the avalanche of emails regarding showing up at an emergency meeting or another document that needs to be produced that I have almost all together stopped picking up my mobile phone unless it’s from someone on my contacts list. Mainly because I respond back to those emails almost right away — and I don’t want to duplicate my efforts. It can be taxing, constantly living under the tyranny of the urgent, where urgent may or may not actually be urgent. But the random moments that living here offers can sometime provide nice reprieves from this (unnecessary) hustle-n-bustle. For example, yesterday, I was working in my office and heard a mike check. Usually, mike checks mean an outdoor performance in front of the Republican Palace on Dostyk. This time, it was a “red carpet” event for a film at the Arman theatre. So I watched for a while and then went back to grading while listening to the beats they were playing/blasting.
red carpet event
Later, in a moment of sheer brain numbness, I found myself locking my office door and staring out the window. Then I thought to myself, “Man, I’m thankful that I’m finally in a place where I can grow oxalis triangulis.” All previous attempts were miserable failures because they need partial and diffuse sunlight. This made me happy.   plantAs I was walking home, I passed a car that I noticed that morning had been charred to death. Serious car fire. Tires flat, car parts all over the place, action movie stunt style. By afternoon, it was covered in… paper. Curiouser and curiouser.
car When I got home, I don’t know why but my flat’s entryway / foyer space was flooded. I don’t know if my neighbor had a water issue or if the building maintenance people got super aggressive with washing down the hallway, it was strange. Thankfully though just my foyer carpet got wet. Then for the rest of the night, whenever I turned a faucet on, a small stream of water would trickle out… not sure what’s going on… but you know, just another day.


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