36 Hours: Rome, Italy (Part I)

Last year, a few of us decided to go to Istanbul together. This year, we decided to continue our “I” theme and go to Italy. We were in Rome together for about 36 hours (they were there are a little longer because I had some issues with my flights). On Sunday, we walked around the area by the Colosseum. We were there the first weekend after Pope Frances became the pope and so there were a lot of people there for that. But when we got to the Colosseum, we found out that the Maraton di Roma was that day as well = lots of people.

It was a bit of a grey day but that didn’t stop the devout (Vatican visitors), the determined (runners), and the rest of us.

In order to get to the Colosseum, we had to walk all the way around. Pictures from the Palatino area from the margins.

We also passed the Campidiglo, wandered to the top to the Chiesa di Santa Maria di Aracoeli, around the “ceiling”, behind to the Campo di Fiori, and passed one of many obelisks.

Finally made it over to the Colosseum – the last time I was in Rome, it was closed for renovations, and so, it was nice to be able to go in this time (with no real queue for tickets). The Colosseum is huge.
To wrap up the day, we grabbed the metro up a few stops to see the Trevi Foundation, Spanish Steps, and again, we just missed the Pantheon (I missed it last time too).

I love(d) walking around Rome. There’s so much history but there’s so much going on now. It’s a vibrant city (despite its current economic condition) and diverse.

I think though, this is my favorite pic from the day. Amidst the busy-ness and the historic sites, I love finding quiet spaces when people are just in the moment.
Selling watercolors


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