Unplanned Post: Interesting Finds at Interfoods

I’ve always been a “browser”. You know, the type of person that wanders around a grocery store – up and down every aisle, looking at all the weird and unnecessary products that are produced by companies that want to convince you that you need a pot with a lid that doubles as a colander, pan that makes the perfect pancake, or cookies that are shaped like straws so that you could have your milk and cookie too. Since moving here, it’s kindof a random hobby to look at what products are available in various grocery stores and price shop. No need to comment on what this says about me. Regardless, it’s what I do. Anyway, two products I haven’t seen before last weekend?

First up, tea for children.
Decaf tea for kids I get but really? Banana and caramel? That just sounds gross… on ice cream, a different story but tea? Hm. It could be like when my mom cooked liver when I was a kid traumatizing me and turning me off from liver forever.

And being an American… BBQ sauce.Heinz-InterfoodNow I know that both products are imports and so not KZi but I am just posting because they caught my eye. I think I’ve seen BBQ sauce at Ramstor before but this was the first time I saw a whole shelf of it and various kinds at Interfoods. And I have to confess, I kept staring at the children’s tea box feeling grossed out and intrigued at the same time and curiosity almost won out. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unplanned Post: Interesting Finds at Interfoods

    • Thanks for stopping by! Not sad… just true. I mean, there are so many things at grocery stores that just have you scratching your head and thinking “seriously?” I enjoy your blog – great posts! 🙂

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