Bon Voyage…

IMAG0030It’s been an intense first half of the semester so far so, both faculty and students are looking forward to spring break. Although it doesn’t look like spring break here, the ice is thawing and the weather is becoming warmer. It’s always nicer to walk to and from work when there is some light outside.

But rather than wait it out, I am heading out of town for a conference, a baby shower, and some needed R&R while still working (on all the stuff I couldn’t this semester so far). This includes a book review, an article revision, finish my conference presentation/paper, and catch up on my grading. Most of this I plan to do while waiting for planes. Winter break was like this – and spring break is turning out the same… 9 cities, 12 airports, 2 1/2 weeks… At least I can catch up on some sleep. 🙂

Check back – I hope to post some pics from New Orleans, DC, and a stopover in Italy in the next few weeks. Ciao land of ice and snow — see you on the flip side. 🙂


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