Flora and Fauna (Random Places, Maui)

IMG_2655My first semester teaching here in the ‘Stan, I thought it was interesting that a number of my students used the phrase “flora and fauna” — “Xstan has such wonderful flora and fauna that is attractive for tourism” and the like. While talking to a co-worker, I found out that this one of those “phrases” that you’re taught in earlier level English classes for memorization. Why “flora and fauna” I don’t know but anyway, here’s a few pictures of the amazing flora and fauna of HI.

Screw pines named appropriately after their base/roots.
This was a local tropical flower shop owner who demonstrated the correct way to get a ginger plant/flower (the red conical flower) to smell. You squeeze and the scent is wonderful. IMG_2598 IMG_2597
I forgot what these are called but they pepper the cliffs alongside the road to Hana. IMG_0234
Jack fruit. IMG_2605
Tropical flower by a waterfall.
Eucalyptus deglupta or the rainbow tree was one of the most interesting things I saw on Maui (along with the paper tree and the sponge tree both aptly named because of the texture of their bark). The bark is made up of a myriad of colors, not unlike a crayon drawing of a five year old who decides to draw that is outside the box.IMG_0221 IMG_0217 IMG_0214Why is it that once the semester hits, holidays and breaks seem like a distant memory? Man.

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