The Pearl Harbor Memorial (From Different Perspectives)

Because li’l brother is in the Armed Forces, not only did I get to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial from the public memorial side, I got to see it from the base side.

Some shots from the publicly accessible memorial side.
IMG_2502 IMG_2516 IMG_2519 IMG_2522 IMG_2523The perspective from the base side.
IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0038IMG_0041IMG_0039 IMG_0052Definitely worth going out to see. The memorial/installations are informative and well set up. After you walk through the various installations, you go into see a documentary. After that, a quick trip out to the USS Arizona memorial. One tip is – if you are renting a car and visiting HI during one of the busier times in the year, expect to wait before “getting in”. The earlier you go, the more likely you’ll get in right away, both to parking and to the film/Arizona memorial visit. Otherwise, you’ll have to kill time and then come back.

Overall, a moving experience seeing and remembering not only the “day that [would] live in infamy” as well as learning about many of the less broadly remembered sacrifices that many of the local Hawaiians made in the aftermath.


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