Black Sand Shores (Road to Hana, Maui)

Since Maui is an island that has basically been built of cooled lava, there are black sand beaches everywhere.
IMG_0038Pretty much if you drive around the island, you will come across amazing black sand beaches. The day we did the Road to Hana drive, there were high water warnings out so that even the waves hitting the beaches were pretty powerful.

This guy was either brave (or not) since there were some pretty serious waves hitting that outcropping of rocks before and after he got his picture taken.
IMG_0375 IMG_0350 IMG_0329 IMG_0323 IMG_0294 IMG_0278I really like seeing waves crashing into rocks. I could’ve sat there for hours.
IMG_0277 IMG_0269 IMG_0261 IMG_0012I thought this was pretty funny. I felt like he was saying “Come on, give me all you got…” IMG_0042“Is that the best you can do?” IMG_0041IMG_0006Please note the proximity of that kid (above) to the water and where I am shooting from. Everyone with DSLRs were either shooting from above the water or from where I was because we didn’t want to get our gear wet. Of course, at the moment that this wave below came in, I happened to be the only one standing within proximity.
IMG_0052That picture was taken before another bigger wave came rolling in at knee-level, pushed me back into a rock, which I tripped over… and fell into the salt water with all my gear. And thus my gear drowned on the black sand beaches of Maui in front of many many witnesses (three tour buses worth of witnesses).

But I still had my point and shoot, so I could take a few more pictures of black sand beaches and rock outcroppings. 

So beautiful.


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