Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond (Petra, Jordan)

A few years ago, I stopped over in Jordan after spending the summer in Istanbul. Some friends graciously hosted me and took me around the country (it is a small country). Given that this week’s photo challenge looking “beyond”, I thought of these pictures I took in Petra.

Glimpses of something beyond the rock formations that shape the foot path.
First up, the Treasury, made famous in the US by Indiana Jones.
Past the Treasury, you walk through a number of amazing sites including a hall of columns, etc. The last “stop” in this area is the Monastery, which you arrive at after hiking up 700+ stone stairs. (If you’re going in the summer or in the middle of the day, definitely bring water and put on serious sunblock. Another note – we went in the late afternoon and it was much less crowded than it is during the morning and early afternoon when tour groups come through.)

The Monastery (with a cameo appearance in the last Transformers movie).
As we continued wandering up and around this area, we found this sign (and actually, you’ll see different variations of this sign on different look out points).
IMG_0107 IMG_0104
At the end of that “path” you see this. I was shooting into the late afternoon sun and so the quality’s horrible, but the memory of the view is breathtaking. With the Monastery at your back, you’re looking out over desert, foliage, rock formations and reminded of how deep the history of this region is.

Beyond the end [edge] of the world.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond (Petra, Jordan)

    • It’s an amazing place… on certain days of the week, they have a candlelight show in front of the Treasury which is pretty cool. Thanks for stopping by!

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