The Swap Meet

Pretty close to the Pearl Harbor memorial campus, Swap Meet venders set up around the outside perimeter of Aloha Stadium.IMG_2545If you look on Trip Advisor, there are mixed reviews. But overall, it was fun shopping there for souveneirs and other sundry chotchkies.
Coconut purses anyone?
Tons of places selling these pouches for cheap. IMG_2558I like(d) this t-shirt. 🙂
IMG_2559Chinese dried fruits and nuts. IMG_2557Monster Chinese Chupa Chups…
A jar… for scale.
IMG_2556 Friendship bracelets.
IMG_2553Plastic and quasi-metal pocket watches.
IMG_2552 Other sundry goods.
IMG_2546IMG_2551 IMG_2550

We went on a drizzly weekday and so, while there were a good number vendors, it was not as crowded as it is on the weekends. But still worth the lap around the stadium’s perimeter.

The day we went, parking was free and it was a nice day to walk around. Worth the trip out to Swap Meet piggy backing on a trip to the USS Arizona memorial.



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