Sunset in Lahaina (Maui)

My first night in Lahaina was quiet and relaxing. No set schedule, headed over to Star Noodle for an early dinner and then down to the downtown Lahaina to wander around and walk on the boardwalk. Unfortunately, because my iPhone drowned, most of my food pics are gone. But the food over at Star Noodle is great… two thumbs up if you are in Lahaina and can make it out there for lunch or dinner. Random fact: The chef at Star Noodle is Sheldon Simeon from the current season of Top Chef. 🙂

After dinner walk. IMG_2567
IMG_2570 IMG_2574IMG_2575The downtown area reminded me a little bit of cruise ship ports… lots of restaurants and stores where you could buy sundry chotchkies and art but nice nonetheless. (It’s also home of the famous Lahaina banyan tree.) IMG_2582I stopped in a store that sold scrimshaw-ed items. This antique ivory billiard ball is $1500+. After I found that out, I gingerly put it back and backed slowly out of the store. Just kidding – I had an interesting conversation with the owner/curator who has been doing this for a while about the art of scrimshaw, local artists, etc.
After dinner dessert stop at Ululani’s shave ice. Yum. IMG_2587
Saw this hanging in a store… really? So crazy. Psy has now hijacked a WWII war slogan.
And with that, the day ended. It’s hard to believe that I was here just a few weeks ago. Between angry students, stressed out administrators, teaching, stressed out graduate students, and waves of crises rolling without reprieve into my office, winter break seems like a “[A] long, long time ago, in a land far, far away…”.


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