Winter Break is Finally Here


Reading outside, cup of coffee in hand – that’s what I thought at least part of my winter break would be like during the few days I’m spending in Hawaii (note: this picture was taken in Boston during an unusually mild fall). Unfortunately, it seems that it’s going to rain all week. The other time I came to HI back in 2006, I came during a torrential rainfall. So, it seems no reading on the beach for me… again. But I’m looking forward to hanging out with my brother, eating lots of shaved ice, reading somewhere, and not being in a plane for the next three days.

After Christmas I’ll start looking at all the other stuff I should be doing over break, grant and fellowship writing, paper revisions, chapter proposals, syllabi review AND will update my post on comparing The Washington Post and NYT best of-book lists… but for this week, I’m going to enjoy being in HI and spending some time hiking and taking landscape photos. Food and tourism pics to come. And of course, watch The Hobbit.

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