First Almaty “Garage” Sale

Moving to a new place, it’s always helpful to find networks of expats and people that have similar interests to make the transition smoother. A great group on Facebook is AlmatyMADENIET, a group that focuses on promoting a wide range of cultural activities on… yes, Facebook. It is a Russian language group but thanks to the integration of I think Bing and FB, translations are usually automatically generated (close enough that you can figure out the where, when, and what easily enough even if you don’t speak Russian). 
Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 8.16.33 AM Last weekend, the annual (and sometimes semi-annual) Central Asian Crafts Fair was held at the Central Museum. This weekend, there was a crafts fair at the Hotel Kazakhstan (seen in the backdrop) and also in front of this makeshift ice rink set up in the plaza of the Republican Palace.
I’m not sure why they called it a garage sale, since the products they were selling were artisan-type products, e.g., locally produced honey, jewelary, handknit scarfs, hand made soaps and candies, etc.
IMG_2469Unfortunately, by the time I wandered down there, the sellers were getting ready to pack up so I could only grab a quick pic of… more scarves. 
IMG_2470 But the ice skating looked fun – there was music blaring, kids ice skating, and all for 300-5o0 TG (about 15 to 30 cents, USD). IMG_2472IMG_2465 Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

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