Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons (2/2)

I know I posted an entry on this week’s photo challenge already. But when I was reflecting on the idea of changing seasons, I think there is the literal aspect (like changes from summer to fall) and then a metaphoric aspect (seasons of life). And I was torn. But since there are no Photo Challenge police saying that you can only be inspired once, I figured “Why not? I’ll just post twice.” 🙂

There is something really great about watching older couples walking, talking, laughing, and dancing together. Of course, as an observer, you have no idea what their stories are. Have they been together for 50+ years? Are they a later-in-life couple? What kind of hardships have they faced together? Etc. As an observer, you are guilty of assuming. But regardless, something about seeing couples has a “pull on your heartstrings” quality about it because of what they represent and not necessarily who they are. That amidst changing seasons of life, love, laughter, friendship, and commitment can grow deeper and stronger.
IMG_0246 IMG_0220


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