Blue Grass in CA

Last week, a colleague and I decided to take a break from the usual end of the semester “festivities” (a euphemism for the onslaught of meetings, paperwork, grading, last minute office hours, grading… and more grading) and went to a blue grass concert sponsored by the US Consulate here.

Della Mae, an American all female blue grass group.
IMG_2400 They were joined onstage by some Kazakh musicians, a dombra player + a singer, and together, they played a few songs together.
IMG_2405A better picture of the six of them (or at least five of them). For some reason, one of the ushers came over to our section and waved down our cameras. So we all stopped taking pictures. And then, it was ok again and we could. Just when I think I understand social conventions in this place, something happens and reminds me that I don’t.
And a brief performance a few kius by the Kazakh Folk / Ethnographic Orchestra.
Not a bad break from work for 1500 Tenge and a couple hours.

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