Snowfall + Holidays

Last week at work, we got an email saying that the government just created a new holiday called the “Day of the First President of the Rep. of KZ’stan”. On the one hand, this was awesome news – no school Monday because the holiday was going to fall on a Saturday. On the other hand, this meant that all faculty members that teach on Monday had to schedule make up classes — which is a pain, since it is the last day of class for the term. Oh well.

You should know that (1) there has only been one president since KZ’stan became independent in 1991; (2) the same guy is still the president; and (3) last year, he extended his presidency until 2020. Anyway, as someone that’s interested in language and ideology, I was curious what the “holiday” slogan would be…

“One Motherland!” “One Destiny!” and “One Leader!”

The Central Museum played double duty today – hosting the celebrations for the president + the Central Asian Bazaar (pictures forthcoming).

And we had our first major snowfall in the city.



Happy day of the first President of KZ’stan (and first major snowfall – 15″ and piling on)! If you’re curious, here’s some more info on the day…


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