How Time Flies…

There is definitely a correlation between the pace of the semester and the frequency of blog postings (negative correlation). Relatedly, as the semester starts coming to a close, I think for both faculty members and students there is at once a sense of relief (yet another semester coming to a close, vacation, rest, etc.) and impending doom (piles of grading, piles of grading, and did I write… yes… piles of grading) (positive correlation – as one increases, so does the other).

This last month has been busy – a few colleagues and I have gotten a few interested nibbles for a few book proposals we’ve sent out, I’m trying to write a few book chapters and finally start submitting articles to journals, and getting a couple larger scale research projects in motion. Couple that with a very “dynamic” (capricious? two sides of the same coin?) Min. of Ed. here, there’s no lack for things to do, that’s for sure.

This weekend the goal is to finish one more book review + make some serious headway on my contribution to a book on the Bologna process in non-EU countries – not the most exciting way to spend a weekend, but I’m thankful for time to write.

Then next week, I will begin tackling the mountain of student research papers with topics ranging from the “popularity of K-pop/drama” to “what is happiness?” to “the relationship between changing tax laws in K’stan and levels of foreign investment”… This means I need to stock up on A LOT of munchies , soups, and hot drinks for the next few weeks.

I’m not really sure why I’m writing all this down into a textual to do list. Perhaps it’s because I feel guilty about not posting on my blog for almost a month (that’s a big part of this).  Perhaps it’s because it makes me feel better to see a plan and writing things down always helps to at least provide a game plan. I’m not sure. But when the sun finally came out this morning, in the quiet of my apartment, without the incessant pounding on the door of the unit below me, doorbells going off throughout the building, tvs and pounding around from the unit above mine, I spent a few minutes appreciating the new day.

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