Off the Beaten Path: Winnie the Pooh’s Harvard Hideout

Happy belated first day of fall!

It was a relatively normal summer in Almaty (translated: no long stretches of 40+ degrees Celsius like weather) and cooler temps has been creeping in for the last few weeks. This means chilly mornings and evenings and warm mid-morning to mid-afternoons. I love fall – although I’m not really sure what this “early fall”-ish weather means. Does that = a really cold winter? Yikes. Hopefully not.

Anyway, in honor of the (belated) first day of fall, here are some fall pics I took attending a conference in Boston a few years back. While there, a friend recommended three things: (1) take the Boston city duck tour (thumbs up); (2) sign up for the “Unofficial Tour of Harvard” (double thumbs up) — you can learn where all these famous pop-culture and political Harvardites(?) lived, who lived with whom, etc.; and (3) make a trek out to Winnie the Pooh’s “house.”

This last one was a little harder to figure out since my friend couldn’t exactly tell me where it was… but after some Google-ing (things like “Winnie the Pooh’s house at Harvard, off the beaten path at Harvard, Pooh house Harvard, etc.) I got a brief description of where it might be. Wandered around campus and voila – there it was, behind the Science Center. Unfortunately, he’s recently lost his home due to a tree infection. 😦

To show you Pooh’s popularity at Harvard, here are a few headlines from this past year…

Bear Market: Winnie the Pooh Loses Cambridge Home

Unbearable news out of Harvard: Pooh’s house to be torn down

Those Harvard people do love their Pooh.


The journey to Pooh’s house

Cross over a street and around the Science Center…

There it is!

Proof, in case you were skeptical, that it exists existed. 🙂


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