Writing… is Hard

Korea Furniture Museum, August 2012

Read this blurb on Brain Pickings about the complaints medieval monks had when scribing… My favorites?

“The parchment is hairy.”
“As the harbor is welcome to the sailor, so is the last line to the scribe.”
“This is sad! O little book! A day will come in truth when someone over your page will say, ‘The hand that wrote it is no more.'”

After reading this + spending a rather long day catching up with writing (pre-writing really), a few random thoughts.

I wish that writing was as simple as sitting in the cool shade of a hanok home and peacefully jotting done profound thoughts while drinking a glass of barley tea, overlooking a beautiful courtyard (picture above).

Or maybe a party of brilliant thoughts, jumping up and down, waiting to wind up articulated into a Word document on my battle-weary MacBook.

But too often… it is just the slow slog through piles of information, papers, articles, and data that gets worked and re-worked into a 20 page article. #anotherdayofwriting

Fond memories of dissertating…


2 thoughts on “Writing… is Hard

    • Thanks for reading my post and for stopping by! But your quote of the screenplay writer – so true – I think one could say writing really is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration… but that doesn’t take into account the hunched shoulders, carpal tunnel, brain freeze, general feelings of insecurity amidst writer’s block… I think I’d rather take the 99% perspiration, thanks. (I’m being facetious — kind of.)

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