Quick Trip to Visit Family: Seoul, Korea

Korea Furniture Museum

Before the beginning of the school year, I stopped over in Seoul to spend some time with family. As it happens, the Midwest had one of the hottest summers on record this year and wouldn’t you know it, so did Korea. Wow – was it hot. Amidst hanging out with family and meeting up with friends, I managed to squeeze in time to stop in to see a few sights…

One place I heard about while casually looking for places to see in Seoul this time around was the Korean Furniture Museum. I read about it on a CNNGO weblink about traveling in Korea. And as it happens, Martha Stewart paid the Museum a visit in 2011. So… I dragged a few friends there. 🙂  It’s a bit out of the way and you should definitely ask for the Korean tour when making your reservation (our guide provided a limited English tour but she was providing way more information in Korean).  Really interesting pieces but definitely not a place to bring pre-teens and elementary school aged kids (not particularly riveting for that age bracket). I say this because the family in our tour group didn’t seem like they were having such an awesome time. :/  But otherwise, it’s a nice trip up and out of the craziness of downtown Seoul.

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