Conference season

Academic conferences seem to come in waves. March/April, August/September, November/December. Why these times coincide with the busiest times in the academic year – I don’t know (except for maybe the slight differences in the scheduling of the school year).

My colleague and I have been on a presentation whirlwind – first our institution’s conference, then in NYC, and now in beautiful Puerto Rico. After a somewhat bumpy arrival and getting situated in our third destination, I think (fingers crossed), it should be smooth sailing for the rest of the week (pictures to come).

On the flight though, I was flipping through Sky Mall (as good travelers are wont to do (j/k)) and saw that some kid (or someone) must’ve been really bored on a recent flight. I thought it was pretty funny — and thought I’d share. It’s like the airplane equivalent of writing on the bathroom stall door – except funnier. 🙂


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