My favorite… epitaph (IST week continued)

One of my favorite places in IST is the Archeology Museum (AM). It’s clean, well-curated and organized (unlike the Egyptian National Museum, which is chaos in a building — but I love it there too). But there are some really interesting and funny things at the AM. One of the more interesting rooms is the room that has all these tombstones and epitaphs from different parts of history. This is one of my favorites, an homage to “man’s best friend”, which was apparently the case back when this guy’s dog died.

A picture of said dog.

A close up of the epitaph.

Right? I love that last line, “find yourself a worthy friend who is both, ready to love you while you are still alive and also will care for your body (when you die).” Eleventh century people waxing poetic about their dead dogs. It’s interesting to think about how people live and loved in time gone by. Love it. 🙂


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