The contextualization of… candy

I always think it’s interesting to see how different things are contextualized and marketed for various markets. Small example? Kit Kats.

Back in November, at Narito Airport (Japan), I saw these different flavors for Kit Kats. I have no idea how they taste; I did, however, buy a bunch as gifts for people because they were so intriguing looking. 🙂

Wasabi-flavored Kit Kats

Matcha and Green Tea flavor Kit Kats respectively)

Blueberry cheesecake flavor Kit Kats

The display case (I think there were a few other kinds, Strawberry, Melon, etc.)…

And then last week in Turkey, I saw this – the heart of hazelnut (fındık) and pistachio (fıstık) growing lands…

There has to be a sriracha flavored Kit Kat out there somewhere, right?

For an interesting take on this, NPR ran a story about market research Nabisco did for the Oreo cookie here. Anyone see other flavors of Kit Kats and where? 🙂


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