An appreciation for the attention to detail

Aya Sofya at dusk

Simply put, Istanbul is a city of old things. When people typically think of Istanbul, they think of these colossal architectural behemoths like the the Aya Sofya or the Blue Mosque, which wow tourists and locals alike with their sheer massiveness.

And impressive they are. But this trip (with the help of my humble but functioning iPhone 3GS that doesn’t require a micro-SIM card), I wanted to take pictures of the little details that these massive buildings are comprised of. After trying to look and appreciate these things, I was struck by how much work went into so many of these things that people just pass by (doors, door handles, floors, etc.), how labor-intensive this work must’ve been, and left IST with a new sense of appreciation for its details. The good stuff really is in the details. Because of ever-changing luggage requirements, all these pics were taken from my iPhone 3GS and my DSLR so the resolution and quality is not that great… but… hope you get a sense of the craftsmanship.

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