This is the point in the semester/year…

You really need to imagine animation and epic music (well sans the epic music) to get the full effect.

When things start really piling up. There are conference papers to write, meetings to go to, academic affairs issues to deal with, and of course, the omni-present piles of grading. Teachers are tired. Students are tired. Everyone (particularly here) is suffering from Vitamin D deficiency (although to be fair, the sun has been coming out since Nauryz).

I teach a class for undergraduates that is similar to advanced composition and teaching basic research skills. The capstone project is a research project that students conduct throughout the semester. Today, I was preparing my last set of slides for the course (April is full of conferencing, presenting, and revising) and I gave in to the tiredness. And I did it. I incorporated Harry Potter into an academic writing course. And I loved it.

On the other hand, my students bemusedly looked back at me as I cracked up in class, and then sympathetically started chuckling and whispering (I think), “Ok, She has finally lost it.” Shrug. It’s hard to make academic writing exciting and life changing. This is the best I could do. 🙂 Ah, the last stretch of the semester.

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