Just another day…

Thanks to the government, we got an extra day off today (Friday). Around 4PM, I got a text from one of my co-workers to stretch our legs and take a walk around the city. It was a nice semi-spring day to take a walk and we walked down to a nearby mall, walked around and did some grocery shopping. Nice normal day. We stepped out of the mall, started walking back, and all of a sudden we heard a “Whoosh.” Turning around, we saw that a car had caught on fire… yikes. Although I’ve always wondered what I would do in that type of situation – well, now I know. We started speed walking away from there as fast as we could while incredulously looking back at the car. Thankfully, people in the cars around him stepped out and helped put out the fire.  Like I said, a nice, normal, pre-spring holiday Friday… in a ‘Stan.


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