Happy International Women’s Day

In the former Soviet countries (and I think Communist countries in general, but I don’t know), today is International Women’s Day. (Although according to UNESCO, I think it’s International Women’s Day too…) Anyway, it’s an interesting experience (and I think my new favorite holiday). I had read on the news that starting two weeks ago, flower sales were going up in preparation for International Women’s Day (hereon after IWD). And of course, we get the day off. AND the government was kind enough to make Friday a holiday too (but instead we are supposed to work on Sunday, which seems to me like “taking from Peter to give to Paul” but *shrug*).

All day yesterday, people were popping in and out of offices, dropping off small gifts, food, flowers, etc. for IWD. And after my graduate seminar, I walked out with a small pile of snacks and coffee. Note to self: Next year – cancel class on IWD. Apparently, it’s a huge family holiday and celebrations start really early. Note to self #2: Bring flowers and cards for my co-workers. I was very touched and amidst the stress of work these days, the weariness that comes with being 3/5 of the way through another academic year, the jitteriness that comes in the weeks leading up to spring break… IWD was definitely a nice breath of fresh air.

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