Kazakh music

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a curious person. I think that this comes, in part, from my parents’ willingness to let the kids try out a whole milieu of things growing up without pressuring us to be amazing. Piano, violin, cello, guitar, harp, flute, a range of sports, etc. While one can make the argument that my noncommittal attitude has led to some commitment issues as an adult, regardless, this has empowered my siblings and myself to be unafraid to try new things. My newest thing? The dombra. 🙂 The inspiration?

A fisheye’s view of the performance hall

The dombra section

One more dombra section picture

Getting ready to perform a kiu (piece)

After a rather horrible day at work (a very Alexander’s very bad, no good-type of day), a colleague asked if I wanted to go a National Folk Instrument Orchestra performance. And. it. was. amazing.

I really really want to learn how to play the kyl-kobyz, the smallish violin-like instrument on the right side. But I’ve been told to start with the dombra and go from there.

One of my colleagues, who has an extensive music background in addition to her current occupation as a music and language instructor, arranged a meeting with a professor of Dombra at the National Conservatory. The meeting lasted all but 15 minutes, I was told to come two times a week, and that she had taught two other American women to play five kius in 2 months. That’s. intense. So I’m a bit nervous, but… so excited. 🙂 Updates on the dombra lesson journey to come.


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