Soviet-era stapler

One Christmas – one of my closest friends got me one of the best presents ever. Well, two actually. A stand up stapler and a semi-industrial hole puncher (it punches through 25-30 pages easily). I know – it’s really nerdy. I seem to have inherited this love of office furniture and supplies from my dad, who thought that office furniture could double as functional home furniture. While I wouldn’t go that far, I do love office supplies. Last week, a co-worker told me about an office supply store up the street — when I stopped by, I found bulletin boards, white boards, and supplies galore. Needless to say, my office is now sporting a bulletin board and white board calendar + my apartment now has a bulletin and white board as well. 🙂

Today, I stopped by the “Publishing House” or the “massive copy department” as I call it to pick up an order I dropped off. When I asked if the copies could be bound, the man promptly said “Nyet” and then started motioning. From his body language I gathered that it was not possible to bind my copies but that he could staple them. He took the copies, led me out of the room, and voila.

I know, right, what is this?

This is what I call, a Soviet-era stapler. It is, a GIANT mechanized stapler with a foot pedal. This bad boy punched through 250 sheets of paper… then the man had to take a hammer to finish off the job. It is true, necessity is the mother of all invention. I was so amazed, I was “oohing” and “wowing” from over the guy’s shoulder. I think he thought I was really strange.  Oh well.


One thought on “Soviet-era stapler

  1. hahaha i really appreciated this post! i woulda been oohing and aahing over this massiage stapler too. you would totally love going to an offset printshop. i love it. it’s sooo fascinating! 😀

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