Procrastination: Wherefore art thou? Oh, there you are.

There’s something about cold, rainy days that makes me want to stay inside with a hot drink, reading a good book, or watching a movie. All the more when there isn’t a meeting to attend or a class to teach.

Our school is on fall break right now. Which is nice — really nice. The last week before break (we were in week #7), students were getting that all too familiar blank eyed stare when I would talk about their research projects, graduate students resignedly sat down to take their mid term exams, and for the first time since arriving in Almaty, I saw an unusually high # of women wearing jeans and guys wearing hoodie sweatshirts. It seems that grungy midterm-ware is something of a universal culture.

After a quick trip down (out) to Shmykent, I have been slowly getting back into the swing of doing things. Slowly being the operative adverb here. I did my laundry. I cleaned out my refrigerator and emptied my trash. I have been eating down my leftovers so I could go grocery shopping this weekend.


I started thinking about how to refresh our graduate program newsletter so that it’s more technologically savvy and played around with various formats on Mailchimp. I wrote a draft paper proposal, outlined the paper, and worked on a second paper proposal for two conferences in November. I did start reading my mid-term course evaluations that I sent out to my students on Survey Monkey.


I need to finish the one proposal and submit it and work on another proposal for the CIES conference next spring. I will start grading the ungodly # of undergraduate literature reviews staring me in the face. That’s it. That’s the plan for the rest of the day. Then relax eating dinner with some people I met earlier this month and capping off the night watching the next two episodes of The Greatest Love and Scent of a Woman kdramas people recommended but I didn’t have the bandwidth to watch. Thanks Megaline for resetting my bandwidth limits for the month of October so I no longer have 245 kb/s downloading speeds. 

But before I head out to my office, I was reading the NYT online, which led me to some blogs, which led me to this entry on Delicious Istanbul, which I really appreciated.

September 9, 2011

Once in a while this day comes. I turn off the alarm-clock and choose seeing dreams featuring unlikely plots and unlikely people engaging in the unlikely actions rather than getting up and embracing a very likely set of events and very real people. Once I am back from dreaming I would stay in bed for another good hour finding all good reasons to ditch the plan I had for the day. I embrace procrastination: I open the door and invite her to get in, we  sit down for a cup of tea and talk for the whole day.

It’s a great blog entry – I linked it above if you want to read the rest of it. But before hitting the ground running, I wanted to briefly embrace procrastination as it dropped in for a quick visit riding on the coattails of this blog entry. And to procrastination I said “hi — good to see you again” and “see you a little later.” And now, off to the office I go.


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