It’s hard (and not so hard) to believe that it’s been two months since arriving here in KZ. The last week of September was week seven of the semester and it was pretty evident. I had more students falling asleep during class, looking literally sick and tired… and I wasn’t feeling at the top of my game either.

Thankfully, the powers that be scheduled in a fall break (reading week) – and so, out of Almaty and down to Shymkent we went.

After a “down to the wire” mad dash to catch a gypsy cab and haul ourselves to the train station – we caught a 12 hour train ride down to Shymkent.

Shyment has 1/3 the population of Almaty and according to Lonely Planet, “has more of a Central Asian buzz on its leafy streets than anywhere else in the country.” Lead is the main industry in the region and there is much more of a visible (and aural) Kazakh (and Uzbek) language presence there then in Almaty.


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