KZ moments

On the way to Turkestan, a group of us took a marshrutka, a small bus fitting the six of us + 2 Kazakh ladies (and of course, the driver). No problem — 600 Tenge + 2.5 hours = all in all, smooth sailing. The ride home? A different story. A and I tried finding a marshrutka but saw a bus heading back to Shymkent. For 400 Tenge? Great. Well, we paid and were hustled onto the bus and the adventure began. Unfortunately, they oversold the bus (and as we went along, we also would find out that people would come aboard the bus) — which meant that there were no seats.

We quickly decided that sitting on the stairs in the middle entrance (on the bus) would be better than standing for 3.5 hours. This + someone deciding that buying a mattress then bringing it back to Shymkent on the bus would be a great idea = an interesting KZ moment. All in all, I think the ride would have been much more bearable with the help of my iTouch but of course, I took it out of my bag wanting to lighten the load.

All in all, after inhaling the exhaust coming through the vent by my face + the dust coming through the bottom of the door into A’s face… we finally got back to Shymkent. It could’ve been worse. It could’ve been raining and the floor really muddy. We could’ve had to stand for 3.5 hours. The bus could’ve flipped over. So… no sweat. 🙂

This was before we were on the bus for 3.5 hours… so I still look somewhat cheerful here. :p

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