Getting Ready

I find that starting a blog is a little like getting behind the wheel of a new car and pulling out of the dealer. There’s excitement – like buying the car that you like (in my case, a Toyota Rav4). There’s fear – like the kind that comes realizing that you’ve just made a commitment, i.e., three, four, five years of car payments. And if you know me, there’s nervousness – like the kind that comes in anticipating a freak car accident right out of the lot – the kind of freak car accident which seems to have plagued me the last few years. (On that note, boo to the driver of a car with a rust orange bumper who bumped into my rear bumper and did not leave a note. :/)

But here we are. At the risk of sounding presumptuous, like people are really wondering what I am doing these days, I just wanted to post an update. For the first time (I think ever), my siblings (2) and I are all moving to new locales. Li’l brother is moving to the Big Island, li’l sister and spouse are moving into the Windy City from the ‘Burbs, and I am moving to a ‘Stan. Needless to say, it’s been crazy for all of us, renovating, repairing, getting renters, and of course, packing and purging.

For the one month I have left before leaving (departure date: August 3), I will be in Chicago for two weeks helping out at my sister’s place, hopefully catching up with friends, as well as getting a jump start on Kazakh language learning (thanks to ASU’s CL courses). The last two weeks will be spent in CU finishing projects at my place, packing (repacking), and catching up with people.

I can’t believe there’s only really one month left and then the madness really begins… wow…


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